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Mark's Pitts project is no longer for sale!

Enjoy the pics anyway.


Mark has been a really good friend to aviation. His list of friends include air show and competition pilots from several decades of participation by Mark and his family, Phyllis and Larry Dickey who have been the host of so many US Team and show pilots as well as coordinating air shows and US Team training sessions at their home in Goodland, Kansas.


Keep checking here for developing details. Read down below to find out the price and terms. Or, if you have serious interest, send me your email to DieFree@RonCadby.org and I'll post you any of the latest developments.


Having been in the homebuilt kit building business for 22 years, primarily aerobatic aircraft, mostly Pitts Specials, I have the expertise and reputation for accurate and honest output. Also, my asssociation with Mark goes back to the 1970s, so I can vouch for his expertise and meticulous work. Stay tuned.....

Mark's S1-C Project is For Sale!


Due to unforeseen circumstances, Mark is selling his S1 kit parts. There is a multiple page photo album you can access from the thumnail pics in the left column of this page. Clicking on any pic will load a large view of it.


We will be adding more detailed information as time goe on. For now, you can contact Ron Cadby for up-to-date information. If you wish to be kept informed with the latest information use the following:


Ron Cadby

PO Box 406

Etowah, TN 37331

423-263-3335 Home

423-920-5551 Cell



Or, bookmark this page and return for updates.


Supplementary Project Info


The Pitts has been stored in our shop in a 65 degree stable, dry environment.  The fuselage and tail section has been covered with plastic  and the wings and ailerons have been wrapped in plastic and the other parts are also covered with plastic.


Included is an original set of  plans.


The wood parts are all GREAT - the glue is Epoxy T-88 and it is a short fuselage.

This is what is needed to complete the plane:

the engine
control cables
tires - the tail wheel tire is good
landing gear bungees


I'm adding a bunch more pics. Some show duplicate parts of the project, but are from different angles/perspetives. It's my opinion that when you are investing a lot of money, time and your future safety there is no such thing as too many pictures or data.


So, for the added photos, just click on the additional album thumbnails as before.


Pic Viewing Tips: You can also enlarge even the larger pic being shown by the album in most browsers.


1. Some browsers, like Firefox, will let you 'Right-Click' on an image to view its full size (replaces current window, requires browsing 'Back' ).


2. If you 'Right-Click' on the large album image, 'Copy' the image location and 'Paste' that URL into a new browser window. That way you can more easily view this page and keep/view the pics in separte windows.


Either of these methods will get you a HUGE pic to scroll around in.



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There's something similar to be published by Trade-A-Plane with info posted on the BiplaneForum web site.


All of the above includes a 'pack and possibly deliver' option which can be valuable to assure the safe movement of the project.